AxleAfter three knee surgeries, Axle’s life force and muscle tone had atrophied alarmingly. He didn’t have much energy, was clearly depressed and the vet thought maybe one more surgery would do the trick. I decided not to have another surgery done as the chance of much success was limited. I knew he needed exercise to build up his muscle, but he didn’t have the energy to do much. Since it was winter, and the fact that he was scared to swim, made taking him to the lake for a good swim not much of an option.
After minimal research on-line, I found Wellsprings-K9, made an appointment with Sheila and it has been uphill every since. Axle, now eight, has returned to the living. Through consistent massage and with Sheila’s patience and skills in helping Axle learn to reduce his fear of water, he is steadily swimming his way into vigor and vitality.
What a joy to watch his depression fade and his legs develop muscle tone.
Cap Kotz, owner
Cappy’s Boxing Gym
1408 22nd Ave. Seattle WA 98122

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