GabeDear Sheila

I can’t thank you enough for work you have done with my 12 year-old greyhound Gabe. When we first met you, Gabe was suffering from lower back nerve problems and arthritis, affecting his ability to get up, walk and go up and down stairs. After working with you I was thrilled to see how much better he felt and less pain he appeared to have especially when getting up. Today, Gabe is moving much better, getting up and down with greater ease, and has been observed by various people to have much more energy and having less pain. As Gabe continues to workout with you, he becomes stronger and more confident and is outpacing my 9 year old greyhound in stamina these days! Gabe and I are very grateful that we found you and appreciate your gift of healing our canine friends and family!

Best Wishes
Mike and Gabe

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