Sheila Wells

Sheila Wells is a Licensed Massage Practitioner as well as a Small Animal Massage Practitioner. She created Wellsprings-K9, the very first Licensed Massage and Swim Therapy Facility in the U.S.and Canada, in 1994. Sheila’s background includes working as a Veterinarian Technician/Assistant, Registered Nurse, Forensic Autopsy Technician and a Licensed Massage Therapist for humans.

Skilled in Therapeutic Touch as well as a Reiki Master, Sheila has been engaged in massage and several other modalities of body and energy work on animals—mainly dogs—for the last 40 years.

Sheila and Wellsprings-K9 also provide therapy to other small animals. The media page includes a link to an article about Wellsprings-K9 on the Rabbit Rescue and Rehab website.