AngelHISTORY: Hi! I am a volunteer for SPDR and the Rottweiler rep just passed on your email to me regarding Sheila. I too, recently have seen Sheila and thoroughly adore her and her service. She has made a huge difference for my Rottie female, Angel.
THERAPY: Angel had surgery on her rear knee and we came to see Sheila after the stitches came out. We only saw her 4 times (once per week), but the difference in Angel’s strength was amazing! We were prepared for her surgery on the second knee. He had that done just last month and the difference in her recovery from this surgery was beyond words!
In the very near future we are going to go back to Sheila to continue Angel’s therapy and recovery (though, she appears totally recovered). Like you, I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sheila. She has been wonderful to work with, very informative, caring and reasonably priced.
Kyndahl Carson

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