Benefits of our swim and massage therapy

Swimming allows animals to increase strength and regain lost range of motion without the pain experienced on land. Earlier return to activity after surgery can be initiated since there is little/no stress on the joints while in the water. Deep water swimming facilitates full use of the hind legs versus partial use as seen with boxed underwater treadmills. Since dogs are weight bearing on a treadmill, they will extend their legs only as they do when walking, using very little of their full range of motion. In our pool, which is equipped with resistant jets the dogs experience non-weight bearing underwater treadmill swimming allowing for full extension  and flexion of all limbs.

BenefitsWe offer a wide variety of bodywork modalities both in and out of the water including Reiki, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, therapeutic massage, and therapeutic touch. While most of our clients seek a combination of both swim and massage therapy, we provide our clients therapeutic bodywork on our dog massage beds as well. Whether in or out of the pool, our skilled licensed massage therapists will work with you to help your dog achieve well-being and an improved quality of life.

For over 19 years, Wellsprings K9 has been helping dogs live longer and healthier lives through skilled massage and focused hydro-therapy. Our knowledgeable and caring staff will help your dog relax, recover, and maintain health, vitality, and mobility. It’s far more than swimming at Wellsprings K9! It’s Healing!

Canine Hip Dysplasia

  • • Encourages neuro-muscular reeducation

    Increases neuro-muscular facilitation after surgery, injury, and/or trauma

  • • Keeps elderly dogs active and prevents weight bearing injuries

    Non-weight bearing activity (90% of the dog’s body weight is removed in the water) allows for a gentler workout on old, injured, or recovering bones, joints, and soft tissues

  • • Improves cardiovascular fitness and overall conditioning

    Helps rebuild atrophied muscles post surgery, injury, and/or trauma

  • • Encourages physical activity and use of the whole body

    Movement and use of affected limb(s) in warm water without pain gives the dog more confidence to use it on land

    Buoyancy provides excellent proprioceptive feedback

  • • Helps control weight

    Swimming is an excellent way to burn off those excess pounds.

  • • Increases range of motion

    Buoyancy and warm water exercise create perfect massage conditions allowing for better range of motion and stretching of a sensitive area or limb. The warm water increases blood flow to the muscles and surrounding tissue enhancing relaxation, allowing a more therapeutic massage.

    Hydrostatic pressure stabilizes a dog’s joints while stretching a limb making it safer than stretching on land

  • • Eases stiff and achy joints
  • • Develops and maintains muscle tone

    Swimming keeps performance, show, and service dogs in top condition without risk of injury and allows younger dogs a chance to burn off energy without damage to developing joints

  • • Develops strength and flexibility

    Resistance jets (if needed) (swimming against a gentle or very strong current, while held in place )increase stretching and strengthening