We raised $11,000 towards updating and buying new equipment for the facility. Those who missed the deadline are still donating!  Thank You!!  This has proven to us how valuable and respected our services to dogs and their owners just is.

We are extremely grateful to those who have donated or shared our campaign. It will really help us help all the dogs and their owners continue to receive the great rehabilitation work we provide. 

We’ve decided to keep the Fundraiser ongoing !!

And have established an ongoing support fund to ensure that no dog goes without!
The demand for our quality canine healthcare is growing! Your support is key in enabling us to continue to provide the very best in the many modalities of our canine healing work and swim therapy we offer. 

Your donations are extremely appreciated!  Many thanks to all of you who support us and please spread our news to all other dogs lovers.

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We offer the combination of deep water swimming and non-weight bearing underwater jetted treadmill

Samson "Sammy" loving his pool time

Wellsprings-K9, the very first licensed massage and warm-water swim therapy pool for dogs in the U.S. and Canada, provides massage and swim therapy to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages.  At Wellsprings K9 we focus on more than just swimming your dog. We use a jetted pool as a way to help your dog recuperate, recover, relax, realign, reintegrate, reeducate, and revitalize through focused exercise and therapeutic massage.

Owner Sheila Wells’ vast knowledge in the medical, veterinary, and competitive dog world provides every client with the help they need to recover from injury or surgery, stay in shape for competitions, or minimize degenerative issues associated with aging or illness. Sheila’s work with police dogs as well as her own dogs is highly regarded in dog circles throughout the country. She has been praised by clients and veterinarians alike as well as being featured by numerous news organizations. Sheila individually trains every Wellsprings K9 employee in the original therapeutic techniques she’s devised over the years to help each dog achieve wellness and well-being.

To find out more about the ways Wellsprings K9′s deep water, non-weight bearing swimming and massage can help your dog check out our Benefits page or feel free to Contact Us to set up an appointment or to answer any questions you may have.

“Sheila is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced licensed canine massage therapist, body worker and swim therapist. Her human medical and veterinarian tech background, combined with her dog handling and training skills offer a very unique combination of expertise to offer patients. I love referring my patients to Sheila as she plays a very important role in improving their overall health and condition. She personally designs a program unique to the individual patient and keeps me informed and up to date on each patients progress. This makes for a wonderful team effort.”
Dr Cindy Geisler DVM, AVCA, Mercy Vet – Mercer Island

Serving Seattle since 1995

RCW 18.108.230 WA. State animal massage practitioner. Massage therapy of animals does not include diagnosis, prognosis, or any treatment of diseases, deformities, defects, wounds, or injuries of animals. Massage for therapeutic purposes may be performed solely for purposes of patient well-being.
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