Wellsprings-K9, the very first licensed massage and warm-water swim therapy pool for dogs in the U.S. and Canada, provides massage and swim therapy to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Learn more about Wellsprings K9.
We offer the combination of deep water swimming and non-weight bearing underwater jetted treadmill. Find out more about the benefits of our services.
Enhance the quality of dogs lives through licensed small animal massage. If you are interested in taking classes from Sheila, click here.
Wellsprings-K9 is anxious to help owners who need therapy for their dogs but are not able to afford it. Any support, no matter how small, helps dogs and their owners in need of massage and/or swim therapy.
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Benefits of our swim and massage therapy

Wellsprings K9 is the very first licensed massage and warm-water swim therapy pool for dogs in the U.S. and Canada, providing massage and swim therapy to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages.

Increases range of motion
Buoyancy and warm water exercise create perfect massage conditions allowing for better range of motion and stretching of a sensitive area or limb.
Prevents weight bearing injuries
Non-weight bearing activity (90% of the dog’s body weight is removed in the water) allows for a gentler workout on old, injured, or recovering bones, joints, and soft tissues.
Muscle Tone Development
Swimming keeps performance, show, and service dogs in top condition without risk of injury and allows younger dogs a chance to burn off energy without damage to developing joints.

What Our Clients Say

  • I am so grateful to Sheila Wells of Wellsprings-K9 for fixing my broken puppy" Patty injured her back and paralyzed her rear leg after an accident. Please read her story of success. Patty and I think Sheila "Walks on Water"...

    -Iola Stenson

  • Sheila you are the Guru of dogs... I want to be you. I want to be just like you.

    -Gretchen Dietz… student/mentee/employee

  • We have been using Wellspringsk9 services a few years now for our two aging Akita’s. One aged 16 and the other 13. Akita’s are not natural swimmers, but thanks to Sheila and her staff the therapy they have received has been nothing but positive and most beneficial in maintaining the health and mobility for our dogs.

    -Ira and Susan Moss, Owners ~ All The Best Pet Care, Seattle

  • Wellsprings K9 is an integral part of the lives of Jessie, Tasha, and me. The more dogs and people that get to work with you, the better off they will be.

    -Jay H.

  • Sheila and her staff at Wellsprings-K9 have made a huge, positive impact on the quality of many of my patients’ lives.

    -Dr. Michael Keast, West Seattle Veterinary Hospital

  • Wellsprings K9 is truly the best! Your place is 5-star!

    -Deb and Augie

  • This was not a simple case of a dog needing to go for a swim, he needed to be physically rehabilitated…Many thanks to Sheila and Wellsprings-K9 for Axle’s full recovery and return to duty!

    -Suzanne Eviston, Police K9 trainer

  • I often recommended Wellsprings-K9 to my clients but now I’ve not only seen the results in the animals I treat but also in my own dog!

    -Lena McCullough, DVM

  • Thank you for the extraordinary care you gave Robby. I loved watching him enjoy exercising painlessly every week.


  • You and your crew took care of my baby French Bulldog, Sophie in April of 2009. She had just had surgery and hydrotherapy has helped her walk like a champ.